What is Innovation?

Innovation is the intersection of creativity and problem solving :: Ion Valaskakis

Episode Summary

Episode 40 of “What is Innovation?” is here! Jared talks with Ion Valaskakis, President at President, Portfolio IV Media and Consulting, on how creativity differentiates innovation from invention and reinvention. He also discusses how to prepare for the future through his proprietary frameworks: FuturePROOF Scorecard and Playbook

Episode Notes

Ion Valaskakis,  President at President, Portfolio IV Media and Consulting shares how creativity drives the difference of innovation, invention, and reinvention. He also discusses how to FuturePROOF using his proprietary framework and scorecard, 


More about our guest:

Ion Valis is a strategic advisor to entrepreneurs and executives by helping them anticipate the future, accelerate their performance, and reinvent themselves when necessary. He enables organizations to "see around the corner" through two proprietary frameworks that he has developed - the FuturePROOF Scorecard and Playbook. His book 'The Magnificent Mistake' talks on how to learn from your mistakes, he has also given a TEDx Talk on the changing nature of leadership in the 21st century, and hosted a bi-weekly podcast on how to apply the management consultant’s toolkit to everyday problems. Ion plans to launch an online course called "Reinvention Boot Camp" that will empower thousands of people with the tools, skillset, and mindset to reinvent themselves regularly.


Episode Guide:

2:09 - What Is Innovation?

3:33 - How does creativity  

6:24 - Creativity: Innovation and Innovative

7:08 - What isn't Innovation

8:04 - Cybernetics: Intersection of domains  

8:44 - Is it Innovation and Improvement?: Airbnb and Uber

11:20 - Distinction of Innovation and Invention

13:44 - Passion projects and Reinvention as a space

16:07 - How do you see reinvention? Looking forward deeper into 21st century

17:02 - Netflix: examplar of reinvention

23:13 - Reinvention values into an organization

28:25 - Holy Trinity: Innovation, Reinvention, and Future-proofing

32:00 - Advice to future innovators: ideas are worse than worthless  

33:39 - "Real Innovators"  

33:51 - 2nd advice: Embrace your craziness

34:33 - Last advice: think about what you can subtract

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