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Innovation is not imitation :: Peter Mann

Episode Summary

Join us for episode 89 where we are joined by Peter Mann, CEO and Founder of Oransi. In this episode, Peter discusses the power of innovation to democratize the work environment and innovative developments in the air purifier space. Hear Peter's take on reshoring as a form of innovation, and get his perspective on what innovation isn't--including the pitfalls of copying technology or simply trying to leverage a brand name. Tune in to our latest episode on your favorite podcast platform and gain valuable insights into the world of innovation!

Episode Notes

Peter Mann, CEO & Founder of Oransi, a leading air purification company known for its efficient, intuitive and reliable products for consumers, schools, organizations and businesses, talks on  the power of innovation in democratizing the work environment through the internet and AI, along with the innovative developments in the air purifier space and how they reshored their business back to the United States. 

More about our guest:

Peter is  also is the Chair of the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers’ Air Cleaner Council. In 2021, Oransi merged with Aviemore Technologies and is now a motor technology company with a clean energy mission. Oransi’s new manufacturing facility in Radford, Virginia is making products in the USA with advanced motor technologies and is actively hiring more than a 100+ local workers to reshore the company’s entire manufacturing. Previously, Peter was the Founder & CEO of the Austin, Texas-based Alen Corp., an air purification company he built, and after 7 years had a successful exit. He went to college on a Navy ROTC scholarship and then served 4 years, including a tour in the Red Sea during the First Gulf War. He was a communications officer and then gunnery officer on the USS McCandless. Peter is late diagnosed autistic and now advocates for autism awareness in the workplace

Know more about him and his company here: 


Episode Guide:

1:36 - What is Innovation? 

4:19 - Communicating with ChatGPT

6:45 - Internet: democratizing work environment

9:19 - Innovation in Reshoring

11:55 - Innovation in the air purifier space

15:23 - What isn't Innovation?

17:42 - Innovating a copy

19:14 - Leveraging brand name

20:15 - Mindset, Drive, and Ideas

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